The Museum Jorge Rando is a private entity with a public vocation. This museum aspires to become a benchmark on a national and international level, and its Foundation has already begun to work towards this by creating strong relationships and establishing the basis for future cooperation with cultural entities in other countries, especially Germany.

The museum aims to expand the cultural facilities of Málaga through its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions by renowned Spanish and international artists, but it also places strong emphasis on its social responsibilities. The Museum Jorge Rando will be a living space, a place of social cohesion of all aspects of art and culture. 

Becoming a patron of the Museum offers you the chance to exercise social and corporate responsibility and boost the image of your brand. Patronage provides benefits for both entities and for society. There are many different ways of cooperating with the museum and the projects it will be carrying out. If you would like further information, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

The Press Office is able to provide information which may be of assistance to the media.

If you would like any specific information, high-resolution photographs, to arrange a guided tour or an interview, email us at prensa@museojorgerando.org