Lo que está pasando Back to the movement

Lo que está pasando is a cycle of topical debates organised by the UNESCO Chair in Communication, led by Professor Bernardo Díaz Nosty and the Museum Jorge Rando. 

As an intellectual organisation, UNESCO’s mission is to build peace in the minds of men to prevent the everlasting repetition of war. Expressionism as a cultural movement is an argument for peace and the defence of human values and its Art shows the horrors of inequality, violence, prejudices, ignorance…

Now, in southern Europe, there is a resurgence of a relationship between Art and communication to resume the culture of dialogue and freedom of expression as a tool for the dissemination of knowledge, that knowledge which is the basis of citizens’ freedom and the means of developing their critical capacity. 

Every month an expert will present one of the most relevant subjects of the moment to stimulate the debate. Based on analysis and study of the causes and consequences of the social changes which affect contemporary reality, the aim is to contribute to the understanding of the elements that make up our identity. 

Art brings us face to face with reality, offers us different points of view and stirs our conscience; the UNESCO Chair gives us the chance to rationalise, understand and delve intellectually into those scenarios that give us a better understanding of a world which is continually changing, and what better setting than the Museum Jorge Rando? 

Lo que está pasando is a contribution to the formation of better-informed citizens who are, therefore, more participatory in the society to which they belong. The artistic and university discourse come together to enter fully into everyday life.