Encounter Jorge Rando - Carlos Ciriza

In this exhibition, Jorge Rando and Carlos Ciriza exhibit part of their personal becoming -they both share the same space at the Museum and a coherent artistic path. As artists, they pursue a similar goal, which is for artworks not to become opaque in spirit and transcendence. Thus, they share an experimental purpose -to use Oteiza´s own words- immersed in an artistic project that wishes to become existential; that transforms both the artists and those who contemplate their work. Aesthetic sensibility calls for true ethics and its values, so each one of the artists´ fund of assets can be transformed into social assets. The drawings, paintings and sculptures in this exhibition underline the importance of these artists having met, and we live to appreciate the beauty, significance and necessity of their art.      
Carmen Pallarés
My place (in life) is creating art, surrounded by sculptures of rusting steel, iron bars, and paint tubes that hope to be participants in a visualisation laid down on paper, board or wood; forging concepts and ideas, materializing approaches, either in small pieces or in Monumental works. Nowadays, with more clarity and some perspective, I see the path gone by and the road that stills ahead; I have much to experience and learn yet.
Carlos Ciriza