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Welcome... The living room of art in Málaga
The Museum Jorge Rando welcomes you. In the 21st century, visitors to museums are no longer passive and although interactivity through technological means will be part of our programme, we will not limit ourselves to that, but will also focus on providing a friendly and personalised service.

When visitors cross the threshold of an institution they feel a certain rigidity about the concept of a museum, and we want that to disappear. In our museum, people will no longer be visitors – they will be guests and, as their hosts, we offer them approachability, friendliness and service.

The museum is a bridge for a dialogue between the works and, as the artist describes it, the person who looks at pictures. With the full respect due to a public building, we do not want this to be a place of silence. The Museum Jorge Rando is somewhere to comment on, to reflect, to share and to imagine the sense and the message of the work you are looking at, not only with your companions but also with the museum staff, because we consider this to be part of the cultural experience.  

The Museum adjoins the Monasterio de las Mercedarias, which is a corner of peace in the bustling centre of Málaga. Take your time to enjoy the strength of the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions and do not hesitate to ask questions of the museum staff, who will be delighted to help you. If you wish, you can relax in the inner courtyard, sitting down and enjoying a coffee in the shade of the hundred year-old olive tree.

We have planned our programme of visits to suit people’s needs or wishes. You can visit the museum completely independently, with the support of guidebooks or supplementary information which is available from the website as well as at the museum, and you can ask  the staff in the exhibition rooms for specific information.

The other alternative is to take a guided tour, free of charge, which is available upon request. The museum staff are working on the organisation of guided tours and downloadable formats on the website for visits by groups, families, and people with special needs, because we understand a community to include everybody. We want our museum to be for everyone because, as we stated earlier, the museum should not present barriers for anyone.