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The construction of the Museum Jorge Rando has combined the old brickwork of the cloister with new concrete and oxidised steel, creating a synergy which blends the spirituality and serenity of the Monastery with the harshness of Expressionist art.

The Museum contains four exhibition rooms. Two of these will house the permanent exhibition of works by Jorge Rando, which will be changed periodically, while the other two will be used for the temporary exhibitions by Spanish and international artists from the Expressionist and current Neo-expressionist movement.

The building also has a Library and Documentation Centre, cloakrooms, rest areas and an interior courtyard where people can sit in the shade of a hundred year-old orange tree and enjoy the surroundings.

The Museum is adapted for people with mobility problems; there are lifts to each floor and lavatories for the disabled.

The Museum has placed special emphasis on the provision of natural light in the building.  Light is a very important element in the work of this artist and it has been used in the same way throughout the building. In most of the exhibition rooms visitors will be able to see the works in the same way in which they were conceived, which gives very dynamic effects with regard to the variability of positioning and intensity as well as in the perception of the colour spectrum.