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Social responsability

A museum must be a means of cultural dissemination and a source of information, but it must also be a field of knowledge. In museums these days, the public seeks not only enjoyment and discovery, but also learning and the ability to construct meaning.

The Museum Jorge Rando has at its core the desire to raise awareness of and promote the Expressionist movement as a form of education, not with the intention of reducing the role of schools and academic teaching but as a way of extending this line of educational communication to all its visitors. 

Our Library or Documentation Centre, our seminars, the staff, the catalogues, the works of art, all provide information directly or indirectly, in a formal or emotional manner, but is it possible to discover in this way how a type of painting became a cultural movement?
Because of that question, La Corriente came into being. A virtual window which gives a glimpse into the Expressionist universe. The museum is the basis of cultural dissemination but it should not be considered the only generator of knowledge, rather as a platform and multivalent support which allows interaction between those who share their knowledge and those who want it. A catalogue which is open to all, where a society of learning develops, based on cultural exchange and the richness of shared knowledge.

La Corriente dedicates this space to researchers, students and imparters of knowledge so they can present themselves to the public within this context of education and cultural responsibility which, we believe, should go together. A library with life, which compiles articles, essays, works and research related to the Expressionist and Neo-expressionist movement.  
Art uses linguistics, sound, plastic and mixed resources which cannot be conceived of separately. Expressionism permeates the Fine Arts, philosophy, narrative, music, film, literature, poetry, dance, photography and theatre. 
Internet gives us the space and the opportunity to be a platform where knowledge can be produced, received and shared. 
Work, without a doubt, which needs the collaboration of those who have in-depth knowledge of this movement.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact us: